Cloud Visibility & Drift Detection

Get a complete view of what’s actually running in your cloud.

Identify any deviations from your desired state that affect your cost, security and compliance posture.

managed vs unmanaged Terraform

Cloud Asset Inventory

Utilize a unified dashboard to visually represent all resources across your AWS accounts.
Get a clear understanding of your Terraform coverage.
Identify unmanaged resources – resources that  are not managed by Terraform and are been updated directly from the AWS console.
Keep track of all ClickOps operations occurring in your environment and the user responsible for them.

Cloud Resource and Terraform Code mapping

ControlMonkey provides you with a 1:1 mapping between your Terraform code and AWS resources, enabling you to track the Terraform code responsible for managing specific resources.
Utilize a single-click link to navigate directly to the code’s location in your Git repository.
Provide your DevOps team with a knowledge base for your Terraform posture.

Drift Detection & Remediation

ControlMonkey performs regular checks to detect infrastructure drifts, using a drift detection algorithm that prioritizes based on the severity of the resource change and the specifics of the drift and its source. 
Additionally, we provide automatic remediation to address these drifts, either by overwriting the existing state or by creating a pull request to bring the code into alignment with the current state.

Clear View to any change in your AWS infra

ControlMonkey’s “Cloud Events” feature offers insights into changes made to your AWS resources, including who made the change and the tool used to make it.
This enables you to identify unreviewed resource provisioning by detecting actions that were performed in the AWS console rather than through the Terraform pipeline.

Cloud Events for web page

Identify outdated Terraform Modules

ControlMonkey provides complete visibility into all the Terraform modules used in your organization’s Terraform code. This enables you to obtain statistics on module usage and identify any outdated modules that require an update.

See it in action

In this video, we demonstrate the “Cloud Events” feature.
This enables you to track changes, identify frequently manually changed resources, and import them into Terraform to reduce human error.

Cloud Events provides deeper insights into day-to-day cloud operations, such as who made changes, what resources were changed most frequently, and from which platform or tool the changes were made. 

ROI calculator

Calculate for free how much resources and labor you can save by working with ControlMonkey compared to DIY

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