Terraform CI/CD

Deploy faster and safer to production.
Use our GitOps CI/CD pipeline as a quality gate for your cloud environments.

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Automate Infrastructure Deployments

Leverage Git repositories as the source of truth for your infrastructure.
ControlMonkey seamlessly integrates with your version control system and verifies each Terraform code change.
Your team can benefit from a centralized, audited, and consolidated platform to validate, plan, and apply modifications to your infrastructure.
Get a complete understanding of the impact those changes will have on your infrastructure posture.

Streamline Infrastructure Changes

Provide your team with instant feedback on any propose infrastructure changes,  directly into the Pull Request.
Enables all team members to contribute code while shortening time to production and reducing erros.

Raise Cost Awareness

Provide your team with clear cost implications for any proposed change in production.
Define budgets and cost policies for your infrastructure and avoid unexpected costs in your infrastructure.

Preventive Policies

Upgrade your cloud strategy from reactive to proactive by shifting left your cloud infrastructure policies.
Prevent production incidents by blocking configuration errors in the code level, way before it’s been deployed to production.
Define preventive policies for cost, security, compliance, tagging and more.

Variables and Cloud Credentials

Manage  variables, keys, tokens, and cloud credentials in one centralized, secured location.
Stop store tokens and secrets on your team personal machines.
By defining a variable hierarchy, you can easily share and secure specific variables, simplifying the management of this sensitive information.

See it in action

In this video, you can see ControlMonkey’s Terraform CI/CD pipeline in action.
Your team gets a complete view of infrastructure changes, ensuring compliance , security and cost are being under control.

ROI calculator

Calculate for free how much resources and labor you can save by working with ControlMonkey compared to DIY

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