Infrastructure CI/CD

ControlMonkey offers a GitOps CI/CD platform that simplifies the process of deploying your infrastructure, granting agility while maintaining control.

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Automate infrastructure deployments

Leveraging Git repositories as the source of truth for your infrastructure, your team can benefit from a centralized, audited, and consolidated platform to validate, plan, and implement modifications to your infrastructure. ControlMonkey meticulously verifies all changes made to the code in your Git repository, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the impact those changes will have on your infrastructure posture.

Streamline infrastructure changes

ControlMonkey enables rapid feedback on proposed infrastructure changes, which is delivered directly into your team’s chosen version control system. This process enables less experienced team members to contribute code while reducing deployment cycles and eliminating bottlenecks.

Cloud-Ready policies

By shifting left your cloud infrastructure management, you can ensure that all infrastructure changes align with your organization’s policies. With ControlMonkey, configuring cloud-ready policies is simple, allowing DevOps team members to receive fast feedback on any changes they propose for your cloud environments.

Variables and cloud credentials

Manage all of your environment variables, keys, tokens, and cloud credentials in one centralized location, instead of scattering them among your team members. By defining a variable hierarchy, you can easily share and secure specific variables, simplifying the management of this sensitive information.

Validate with industry best practices

ControlMonkey verifies your Terraform code with leading industry best practices, such as tfsec, tflint, and infracost. ControlMonkey ensures that you stay current with the best industry practices and guardrails

See it in action

In this video, ControlMonkey demonstrates its super CI/CD pipeline. A complete view of infrastructure changes, ensuring compliance and cost control including simulating deployment’s effect on cloud accounts.

The pipeline demonstrates using Git repositories as the single source of truth for infrastructure, along with auditing changes, linters, security frameworks, cost estimation tools, policy enforcement, and blast radius minimization.

ROI calculator

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