Shift to Terraform

Import existing AWS infrastructure to Terraform in a click of a button.
Save 80% of the time writing Terraform code and importing resources manually.

Import to IaC example

Terraform Generative Algorithm Engine

Get generated Terraform code representing your existing cloud environments.
Enjoy a human readable code with variables, dependencies, data sources, and more.

Import Existing Resources

Import your “2018 infrastructure” to Terraform without the need to re-provision  resources.
Use pre-built Terraform state file which is 100% validated.

ControlMonkey is the only platform that provides both the Terraform Code and the Terraform state file – you don’t need to run ‘Terraform Import’ to thousands of resources manually, we do that for you.



Smart Stacking

Leverage our contextual algorithm to get ready-to-import stacks.
Each suggested stack is composed of resources that are related to each other by your architecture and tags.
Tailor suggested stacks according your preference and customization.

Duplicate Environments With Ease

Use ready to use Terraform code to duplicate environments across VPCs, regions and accounts.
Enable less experienced team members to leverage the advantages of Terraform without the necessity of directly writing Terraform code.
Generate infrastructure blueprints using Terraform, making environment replication a straightforward process.


Generate Terraform Modules

Generate Terraform Modules in a click of a button.
Extract variables to generalize the modules you create.
Take your existing running infrastructure  and generate Terraform modules out of it without writing a single line of code.

Terraform Coverage Over Time

ControlMonkey identifies resources that are currently not managed by Terraform and provides a clear view of the migration process.
By harnessing ControlMonkey’s visibility tools, organizations can better plan and track their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) import projects, significantly reducing project time.

See it in action

In this video, we demonstrate the simple import of existing Route53 resources into Terraform in seconds without any service interruptions.


ROI calculator

Calculate for free how much resources and labor you can save by working with ControlMonkey compared to DIY

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