Import to Terraform

ControlMonkey’s generative algorithm engine enables an easy and safe import of existing AWS resources to Terraform in one click

Import to IaC example

Terraform Generative Algorithm Engine

ControlMonkey’s generative algorithm engine can generate Terraform code for your AWS infrastructure with the click of a button. Our Terraform code engine learns the customer’s environment and generates Terraform resources, variables, locals, and Terraform modules.

Spin up new identical resources

ControlMonkey understands which resources are not under Terraform management and generates the code for those resources automatically. This code can be used to spin up new resources that are identical to the existing resources.

Import existing resources

ControlMonkey generates the code for the resource, as well as the Terraform State file. The State file already points to the Terraform logical ID of the resource generated by ControlMonkey and the existing AWS resource ID, providing a seamless method to bring existing resources under Terraform management without the need to spin up new resources. This saves a lot of time and avoids service interruptions.

Terraform Code Automatic Validation

After the code is generated, ControlMonkey automatically validates that the code is accurate and identical to the existing resource in the background. This validation ensures a smooth and error-free migration, saving frustration and DevOps toil.

Terraform Coverage Over Time

ControlMonkey identifies resources that are not currently under Terraform management and provides a clear view of the migration process to Terraform. By harnessing ControlMonkey’s visibility tools, organizations can better plan and track their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) import projects, significantly reducing project time.

Smart Stacking

ControlMonkey’s algorithm learns your environment architecture and topology, and automatically models your account to stacks that are related to each other. The smart stacking saves a lot of precious time in building your Terraform repository, as it suggests Terraform code for a specific context with all references in place. The user has the option to create custom stacks, and then the system recalculates the smart stacking based on user changes and customization.

See it in action

In this video, ControlMonkey demonstrates the easy import of existing Route53 resources into Terraform in seconds without any service interruption risks.

ROI calculator

Calculate for free how much resources and labor you can save by working with ControlMonkey compared to DIY

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