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What do you get with ControlMonkey?

ControlMonkey is a TFOps platform that discovers, manages, automates and generates cloud environments by leveraging Terraform.

Terraform CI/CD Pipeline

Provide your teams with instant feedback for security, cost and compliance issues before applying changes to production.

Cloud Visibility & Drift Detection

Gain a full picture of all resources running in your cloud accounts. Identify unmanaged resources & drifts in real-time and remediate easily.

Self-service Infrastructure

Share Infrastructure blue-prints between different teams and business units. Give your teams a governed and audited way to spin up infrastructure without any experience in Terraform.

1 Click Import to Terraform

ControlMonkey’s generative algorithm engine generates Terraform code for your AWS infrastructure with the click of a button.

Why ControlMonkey

Predictable Pricing Model

With ControlMonkey you know how much you're going to pay, all features included. No surprises.

Easy Migration

It takes less than a day to migrate all of your Terraform Workspaces to ControlMonkey stacks. It's that easy.

Unlimited Concurrency

You can execute as many plan/applies as needed, and ControlMonkey easily scales to accommodate your requirements.

Success Story

“ControlMonkey makes sure our AWS environment is always secure, compliant, and cost-efficient.”

Your DevOps team will thank you

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ControlMonkey is SOC2 compliant and AWS Advanced DevOps Partner

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