Reduced Terraform migration time by 80%

How HoneyBook reduced their migration to Terraform project time by 80% and minimize the dedicated workforce


HoneyBook is a business management platform specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. It provides a range of tools and features to help users manage their workflow, including project management, invoicing, and client communication. By streamlining these processes, HoneyBook aims to help users save time and grow their businesses more efficiently.

The Challenge

HoneyBook was working on a new project to split their AWS accounts into smaller accounts while doing it fully with Terraform in order to improve deployment speed, security, and configuration clarity.
Some of the resources were intended to be re-created in new AWS accounts and other resources were planned to be imported to Terraform in the original AWS account.
This project was expected to take 12 months with the help of two DevOps engineers and a manager.
As the migration project was complex, HoneyBook was seeking solutions that would allow for a smoother and more cost-effective transition to Terraform.

The Results

After just three minutes of connecting to ControlMonkey, HoneyBook’s cloud environment was quickly mapped and organized into Stacks by the ControlMonkey platform.
The platform automatically generated Terraform code that represented the different resources and created the matching Terraform state file, so HoneyBook could easily either create the resources in a new account or import the existing resources to Terraform without any hassle.

During the project, HoneyBook was able to see their Terraform coverage on the ControlMonkey dashboard and to prioritize what AWS services and resources they should handle next.
These immediate benefits enabled HoneyBook to replan the migration project to two months of a single DevOps engineer.

Harnessing ControlMonkey capabilities, HoneyBook cut short their migration project by 80% and saved countless hours of error-prone and labor-intensive DevOps hours.

“ControlMonkey helped us to shift to Infrastructure as Code easily and swiftly, while saving 80% of the migration time. Now we manage our AWS Infrastructure in a GitOps methodology through the ControlMonkey platform, with no ClickOps operations, saving countless hours of the DevOps time for infrastructure provisioning and management.”

Doron Gutman, Head of DevOps, HoneyBook


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Reduced Terraform migration time by 80%

How HoneyBook reduced their migration to Terraform project time by 80% and minimize the dedicated workforce
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