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Which Infrastructure as Code frameworks does ControlMonkey support?

ControlMonkey supports Terraform, Terragrunt and OpenTofu. 

The onboarding process can be completed in less than 3 minutes by connecting your cloud account and VCS provider. 

The code resides in your own Git repository.
ControlMonkey generates the code, and you then push it to your Git repository to manage it from there.

Yes, absolutely!
ControlMonkey supports any shape and type of Terraform code, regardless if it was generated by ControlMonkey or not. 
If you already have Terraform code that manages your cloud resources you can leverage capabilities around Terraform CI/CD,  Self-service infrastructure dashboard, full cloud visibility, drift detection and remediation and more.

Yes, you can add any amount of GIT repositories and VCS providers (Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps).

The main benefit of ControlMonkey is to give your team an efficient way to manage cloud infrastructure and to keep your production secured, complaint and cost-efficient, while saving many man hours.

ControlMonkey capabilities for environments that are already managed  by code:
–  Single pane-of-glass to all your infrastructure so you can identify any deviations from your desired state.

– Terraform CI/CD pipeline out-of-the-box so you can shift left cloud policies like cost, security, tagging and more to save your team time on manual code review.

– Self-service infrastructure dashboard to allow other people in the organization to be able to spin up infrastructure without any Terraform experience.

You are not required to change anything in your current Terraform configuration.

ControlMonkey supports all Terraform providers, meaning you can manage any kind of infrastructure with our platform.

ControlMonkey pricing is based on your cloud resource count. We’d be happy to hop on an intro call to provide you with a quote.
If you’re on your Day2 in the cloud – we should definitely talk.

Compliant AWS environments in minutes, with Self-service Infrastructure
Learn how to enable other teams such as Dev and QA to launch pre-defined compliant AWS environments in minutes, by using Terraform.

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AWS Governance & DevOps Productivity with Terraform

Learn how how to shift-left cloud governance with Terraform in this webinar brought to you by AWS and ControlMonkey.

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In this webinar we showcase together with DoIT how ControlMonkey is helping DevOps teams to make the transition from ClickOps to GitOps easily with Terraform.

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