Shift-left Cloud Policies

Enforce your cloud policies as part of the infrastructure CI/CD and prevent misconfigurations from reaching  production. 
Instead of investigating production issues – focus on proactively preventing them.

Shift -left Cloud Policies with Terraform CI/CD

Cut 90% of production issues by incorporating proactive policies for security, compliance, cost, and tagging in your infrastructure change management.
Don’t waste your time with writing OPA, we provide out-of-the-box cloud policies that keep your production at the highest standard.

Define Cost Policies

Provide your team with clear cost implications for any proposed changes in production. Define budgets and cost policies for your infrastructure and avoid unexpected costs in your cloud environment.


Define Security Policies

Prevent security issues by blocking configuration errors in the code level, way before it’s deployed to production.

ControlMonkey supplies security standard policies out of the box for swift implementation. 

Keep your production environment secure by shifting left security policies and setting the security standard for every PR.

Define General Policies

Set the desired standard of your cloud environment and prevent misconfigurations in production. 

Enforce tagging policies, allowed AWS regions, prevent resource deletion, or any custom policy you can think of. 

Enforce with GitOps

All policies are validated and enforced during the infrastructure CI/CD for every configuration change. 

Choose the enforcement level (warning, soft/hard enforcement) and provide instant feedback to your engineers regarding their proposed changes, even on their first day on the job.

What’s in it for me?

“As a DevOps team with members spread across multiple time zones, it was crucial for us to work with one centralized system responsible for modifying our infrastructure in production. Thanks to ControlMonkey’s CI/CD solution, we now manage more infrastructure in less time and our productivity has increased by 30%.”

Anton Yurchenko

Director of DevOps & Data, ReasonLabs

Prevent costly mistakes in production, in less time.

Preventive Policies out of the box

Watch this video demonstrating how ControlMonkey enforces Preventive Policies with its Terraform CI/CD solution

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