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Secure, Compliant and Cost-efficient AWS Environment

How ReasonLabs scales faster and safer on AWS while improving DevOps Productivity by 30%


ReasonLabs is a Cyber Security Company that provides enterprise-grade protection for personal devices, and they serve more than 100 million home users globally. 

They have roughly 150 employees and are headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, Israel, with other offices worldwide. 

The Challenge

Effectively managing and governing a large and spread-out cloud environment has always been a challenge for Reasonlabs.

Reasonlabs Supports millions of global users and continuously updates cyber-security threats to their customers’ assets, which means they release code to production in multiple regions several times a day.   

Before ControlMonkey, they were manually reviewing and approving over 100 Git pull requests a day, in order to make sure the provisioned Infrastructure was compliant according to their organization’s Control Policies.

With team members spread over different time zones, communicating and syncing effectively on deployments was a huge challenge for everyone on the DevOps team.

As a DevOps manager, Anton wanted to improve his team’s productivity, gain full visibility over their cloud infrastructure, and accelerate the release to production, without needing to compromise on quality or compliance.   

Before ControlMonkey, they tried to develop a solution in-house. But very quickly they understood that developing and maintaining such a robust system would take a lot of time and effort, which they didn’t really have to spare. 

ControlMonkey’s Solution

Now with ControlMonkey, the DevOps team at Reasonlabs finally gained full visibility and control over what’s actually running on their cloud. 

ControlMonkey’s solution for GitOps Infrastructure CI/CD automatically reviews the pull request and the ControlMonkey Bot tells them exactly where and why it failed, and then they can easily run to fix it, it’s that simple now.  

ControlMonkey is the only solution that offers such a robust and complete GitOps CI/CD pipeline that not only validates that their AWS infra is always secure and compliant, but also saves the DevOps team plenty of time and effort, and increases their productivity by 30%. 

“Thanks to ControlMonkey, we are now able to release faster and safer to production, all while dramatically improving our team collaboration and productivity.”

Anton Yurchenko, Director of DevOps & Data, Reasonlabs


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Secure, Compliant and Cost-efficient AWS Environment

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