Reduced Terraform migration time by 70%

How 365Scores cut migration to Terraform project time by 70% with minimal DevOps work?


365scores’ cross-media platform has been the go-to app for over 100 million sports fans worldwide since 2012, bringing them the fastest and most accurate live scores and data notifications online. We take great pride in serving millions of loyal users with multiple languages on any device.

With 365scores, the users can create their own personal sports channel, selecting their favorite teams players and leagues to folow and enjoy a 24/7 complete coverage of more than 2,000 competitions in a wide variety of sports worldwide. Like no other app, our users receive Real-time Stats, Breaking News, In-Play Insights, Lineups, Live Tables, Fixtures, Social Buzz, Odds, and Betting Tips, that produce short-term and long-term value for them.

The Challenge

365Scores is a company that relies on cloud infrastructure to support its sports scores and news service. This involves spinning up and tearing down resources on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support each league season time span. 

365Scores sought to migrate their infrastructure from a monolith architecture to microservices architecture and as part of that process they decided to use Infrastructure as Code in order to have a clear, desired configuration representation of their cloud and also to be able to deploy infrastructure faster and safer. 365Scores wanted to have Infrastructure as Code coverage on as many resources as possible.

However, the Infrastructure as Code project was constantly pushed forward due to the significant amount of time and resources required to complete it. 365Scores searched for a solution that would allow for a smooth migration to Infrastructure as Code.

The Results

Upon connecting to ControlMonkey, 365Scores had full visibility into the Infrastructure as Code migration process and the Terraform coverage on ControlMonkey dashboard. This provided valuable insights and visibility into the migration project, allowing 365Scores to accurately map and assess the scope of the project. 

ControlMonkey automatically generated Terraform code for 365Scores AWS accounts and ensured that the generated code is an accurate representation of 365Scores existing AWS resources configuration. 

Harnessing ControlMonkey capabilities, 365Scores cut short their migration project by 70% and saved countless hours of error-prone and labor-intensive DevOps hours.

365Scores is now managing its AWS cloud infrastructure with Terraform and is utilizing ControlMonkey GitOps CI/CD capabilities to manage, automate, and scale those resources.

ControlMonkey gave us the confidence to start our Terraform migration project and enabled us to shorten the time span significantly while minimizing DevOps hours required to accomplish this task.

Roei Aharoni, CTO, 365 Scores


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Reduced terraform migration time by 70% for 365Scores

Reduced Terraform migration time by 70%

How 365Scores cut migration to Terraform project time by 70% with minimal DevOps work?

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