One-click Terraform Drift Remediation 

ControlMonkey Drift Center is now the one-stop-shop for detecting, investigating and remediating Terraform Drifts.
Resolve Terraform Drifts faster and keep your configuration in the desired state.

Terraform Modules Explorer

Learn how ControlMonkey provides full visibility into Terraform Modules so users can understand where and how they’re being used, and whether or not they’r outdated.

Unmanaged Resources Cost

Learn how ControlMonkey displays the costs of resources that are not managed by Terraform Code. Avoid cost surprises and govern your cloud.

Allowed AWS Console Operations

This capability enables our users to whitelist certain AWS Console Operations that are permitted, and reduce the amount of ClickOps alerts.

Proactive Compliance Packages

Learn how to enforce compliance standards like PCI-DSS as part of the infrastructure CI/CD in a few clicks, using our out-of-the-box compliance standards.

OpenTofu Support

ControlMonkey officially supports OpenTofu IaC framework. If you are planning to use OpenTofu, ControlMonkey has got you covered.

Drift auto-sync

Learn how ControlMonkey automatically reconciles the AWS resource configuration to align it to the Terraform Code in case of a Resource Drift.

Compliant AWS environments in minutes, with Self-service Infrastructure
Learn how to enable other teams such as Dev and QA to launch pre-defined compliant AWS environments in minutes, by using Terraform.

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AWS Governance & DevOps Productivity with Terraform

Learn how how to shift-left cloud governance with Terraform in this webinar brought to you by AWS and ControlMonkey.

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Terraform Best Practices with ControlMonkey Webinar

Check out our latest webinar with DoIT International.

In this webinar we showcase together with DoIT how ControlMonkey is helping DevOps teams to make the transition from ClickOps to GitOps easily with Terraform.

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