Manage CloudWatch with Terraform

Today ControlMonkey is pleased to announce that we have reinforced our “Import to Terraform” solution with the capability to Import CloudWatch Alarms and Dashboards to Terraform.  AWS CloudWatch is a great solution to monitor your Application and Infrastructure health with collected metrics.  However, configuring the alerts and dashboards can be a long and mundane process, […]

New Control Policy – Property Condition

Today ControlMonkey is happy to announce a new Control Policy type – ‘Property Condition’ that enhances our users’ ability to set custom preventive conditions on their cloud resources as part of their Terraform pipeline. ControlMonkey’s Control Policies serve as preventive controls as part of our GitOps CI/CD Pipeline and help DevOps avoid errors and misconfigurations […]

Create Custom Terraform Modules

Creating custom Terraform modules is the most efficient way to replicate services on your AWS account.  However, writing the code for the Terraform modules is a long and tedious process for DevOps engineers.  So today ControlMonkey is happy to announce the support of creating Terraform Modules directly from the platform! ControlMonkey enables DevOps to create […]

Terraform Drift – Cost Support

ControlMonkey offers a simplified view into the cost implication of drifts on your AWS account. Identify drifts and easily fix them with 1 click.

Transit Gateway Terraform Import

ControlMonkey offers an effortless solution to import AWS user’s Transit Gateway configurations into Terraform, eliminating the need for manual code generation and resource imports.

ControlMonkey Terraform Provider

ControlMonkey Terraform Provider

Users now have the ability to generate their own personal access tokens, affording them greater flexibility in managing their ControlMonkey stacks.

Import to Terraform – Smart Stacking

smart stacking

If you’re looking to shift to Infrastructure as Code and don’t know where to start, look no further than ControlMonkey. Our import to Terraform solution is designed to help make your transition smooth and seamless, with the added benefit of Smart Stacking.

EKS Import to Terraform in One-click

with just one click, users can now import their existing running EKS clusters to Terraform, without the need to reprovision them, making it easier to manage and maintain their resources.

Control Policies – Prevent Deletion

control policies - prevent deletion

The ‘Prevent Deletion’ policy is a valuable addition to the dozens of preventive policies already supported by ControlMonkey. These policies assist our customers in shifting left their cloud configuration management and streamlining their infrastructure delivery.

Secure and Rapid Elasticache Import to Terraform

Secure and Rapid Elasticache Import to Terraform

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed, in-memory data store service that simplifies the process of deploying, operating, and scaling distributed data stores. As organizations grow and evolve, the need for efficient and reliable management of data stores becomes increasingly important. When managing data stores, it is crucial to examine all proposed changes through a quality […]