Control Policies – Prevent Deletion

A few weeks ago we’ve added our support for Control Policies – Control Policies serve as preventive controls, as part of our CI/CD Pipeline, to help avoid errors and misconfigurations in production environments..
Today, we are pleased to announce a new Control Policy – ‘Prevent Deletion’.

Many of our customers have requested a policy that would warn or block accidental deletion of resources when running ‘Terraform Apply.’ Terraform can terminate resources in two cases: when a resource is intentionally removed from the Terraform code, or when a user modifies a resource’s properties, expecting an in-place update. However, Terraform may actually perform a replacement-update, deleting the resource and creating a new one. This can be a dangerous situation, as end-users might not anticipate the replacement of an entity, which could result in downtime.

Our new ‘Prevent Deletion’ policy ensures that no deletion operations will occur as part of the Terraform pipeline. By integrating this policy with the ControlMonkey CI/CD pipeline, users receive instant feedback, warning or blocking them before the operation takes place. This new policy not only saves DevOps teams valuable time on code review but also helps prevent downtimes and service interruptions in production environments.

The ‘Prevent Deletion’ policy is a valuable addition to the dozens of preventive policies already supported by ControlMonkey. These policies assist our customers in shifting left their cloud configuration management and streamlining their infrastructure delivery. By utilizing Control Policies, organizations can bolster their cloud infrastructure’s security and stability while minimizing the risk of misconfigurations and unexpected downtimes.

In summary, ControlMonkey’s new ‘Prevent Deletion’ policy is a powerful tool for managing cloud infrastructure and ensuring the safe deployment of resources. If you’re looking to enhance your cloud configuration management and safeguard your production environments, consider implementing ControlMonkey’s comprehensive suite of preventive control policies.

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