Granular RBAC with Custom Roles Support

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our permission management and added support for custom roles.

Up until today, our users had the option to grant permissions to certain namespaces based on a predefined system role (Viewer, Deployer, or Admin).
We’ve identified our customers’ needs to have more granularity with their permissions management by adding more customization options.

Now, ControlMonkey users can create a custom role with permissions that are based on Stacks, Deployments, or Plans.

The custom role can then be granularly applied on a user/team in a specific namespace for that additional layer of customization.

With the option to limit certain users’ actions, our customers are reducing the risk of misconfigurations, allowing for better control mechanism in their environments by preventing certain users from performing ‘high-risk’ actions such as ‘Approve Deployment’ or ‘Delete Resources’.

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