Import API Gateway to Terraform Effortlessly

Aharon Twizer
,CEO & Co-Founder
March 16, 2023

AWS API Gateway is one of the first services introduced by AWS as part of their serverless services package. It allows developers to create, deploy, and manage APIs that are able to integrate with various backend services like Application Load Balancers and Lambda functions.

However, API Gateway has also become one of the more complex services of AWS due to its multiple entities and configuration options.
It can be quite difficult to manually manage API Gateway configurations in order to track and investigate changes. It is therefore advisable to utilize Terraform for managing these configurations.
Being a complex service, it is not trivial and highly error prone to import it to Terraform manually.

Today we’re happy to announce that ControlMonkey supports a one-click Terraform import of existing API Gateway resources to simplify its management and streamline changes moving forward.

This feature allows users to easily import API Gateway resources such as API Gateway Rest API (aws_api_gateway_rest_api), API Gateway Resource (aws_api_gateway_resource) , API Gateway Method (aws_api_gateway_method), API Gateway Method Response (aws_api_gateway_method_response) and more using just one click. 

This allows users to quickly set up and manage API Gateway resources without needing extensive manual configurations.
Combining this new capability with our Lambda Import capability is a true game-changer for managing serverless architectures in scale and simplifying AWS management for developers and DevOps teams.

By using this new feature, users can prioritize their focus on developing their APIs and have less emphasis on managing the infrastructure that supports them.

Start importing your Api Gateway for free!

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