Import AWS S3 buckets to Terraform in one-click

Feature Alert! We are thrilled to announce that ControlMonkey supports the import of S3 Buckets into Terraform! This adds to the list of resource types that ControlMonkey already supports, enabling easy and safe migration to Terraform with just one click.

When importing an S3 bucket to Terraform, you should consider all the satellite Terraform resources that compose the bucket configuration, such as s3_bucket_logging, s3_bucket_public_access_block, s3_bucket_website_configuration, etc. Importing only the s3_bucket resource itself without the satellite resources means that the S3 bucket is not fully managed by Terraform, and the desired state for that bucket is not complete.
When importing S3 buckets with ControlMonkey, we automatically generate all the satellite Terraform resources to ensure a successful migration of your S3 buckets.

To import S3 buckets into Terraform with just one click, you will use the “IaC Import” feature in the ControlMonkey Platform. ControlMonkey maps the S3 buckets in your cloud environments and automatically generates the Terraform code for those S3 buckets, so you can easily import them. ControlMonkey also verifies that the Terraform code is 100% identical to the existing S3 bucket configuration by creating a Terraform state file and verifying it with the terraform plan command.

Once you have imported your existing S3 buckets to IaC, you can manage, automate, and scale those resources using the ControlMonkey CI/CD pipeline. It’s worth noting that importing existing S3 buckets or any other resources into Terraform, if done incorrectly, can be error-prone and time-consuming. It’s a good idea to consult the ControlMonkey team to see how this project can be significantly shortened and made safer using our “IaC Import” capabilities.

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