Migrate CloudFront to Terraform with a single-click

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that speeds up the delivery of static and dynamic web content. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to provide fast, reliable delivery of website content to users around the world. CloudFront resources are composed of many attributes that each affect the performance and correctness of the CDN.

Managing CloudFront with Terraform is crucial to ensure that all of these attributes are properly configured and working together. Terraform provides a way to automate the management of CloudFront resources, making it easier to maintain and scale the CDN. Additionally, Terraform allows for version control of CloudFront configurations, making it easier to revert to previous configurations if necessary.

ControlMonkey now makes it easier to manage CloudFront with Terraform by enabling a one-click import to Terraform for CloudFront resources. This includes generating Terraform code for the CloudFront Distribution (aws_cloudfront_distribution), CloudFront Cache Policy (aws_cloudfront_cache_policy), and CloudFront Response Headers Policy (aws_cloudfront_response_headers_policy), among others. After the code is generated, ControlMonkey automatically validates the accuracy of the code and checks that it is identical to the existing CloudFront resources in the background. This validation process helps ensure a smooth and error-free migration.

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