Infrastructure Disaster Recovery

Easily create a disaster recovery plan for your infrastructure in a few clicks by leveraging Terraform Code. 
Shorten your organization’s RPO and RTO in case of disaster.


Have a DRP for your Cloud Infrastructure

ControlMonkey enables DevOps teams to swiftly recover from infrastructure disasters by having a Terraform-based DRP plan. 
Maximize your Terraform coverage, increase the
effectiveness of your DRP, and shorten RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

Discover Resources without DRP

Cloud resources that are not managed by Terraform pose a DRP risk to your environment. 
In case of resources deletion or misconfiguration, there is no easy way to roll it back to its desired state.
Using ControlMonkey Terraform Import Engine, you can easily detect those unmanaged resources and understand your DRP gaps.

Import to Terraform and maximize coverage

After discovering the unmanaged resources, you can easily shift them to Terraform in a few clicks with automatic code generation.
As you maximize your Terraform coverage, you are increasing the effectiveness of your DRP because you have code that represents the desired configuration. 

Seamless rollback when resource deleted or misconfigured

Documenting everything you have in your cloud allows you to easily rollback the resource to its desired state in case of a misconfiguration.
Be prepared for any disaster and dramatically decrease your organization’s RTO and RPO.

What’s in it for me?

“ControlMonkey helped us discover which resources were not managed by Infrastructure as Code and easily migrate them into Terraform with a single click. ControlMonkey shortened our migration project timeline by 53% and saved valuable DevOps hours.“

Ron Gruner

VP R&D, Granulate, Intel

Always have an up to date DRP for your environment

Increase Terraform Coverage and have a DRP ready

Watch this short demo of our Terraform Import Engine to learn how you can easily shift more resources to Terraform and increase the effectiveness of your DRP.

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