Best Terraform Automation Alternative

Looking for a Terraform Automation Platform? ControlMonkey is a Terraform Automation Platform that provides 360 solutions to govern your cloud with Terraform.Everything you wished your Terraform would do, in a single platform. Book Intro Call Understand Terraform Coverage Terraform Code Generation Shift-left Cloud Policies Enforce Security & Compliance​ Maximize Terraform Coverage Deploy faster and safer […]

Shift-left Cloud Policies

Shift-left Cloud Policies Enforce your cloud policies as part of the infrastructure CI/CD and prevent misconfigurations from reaching  production. Instead of investigating production issues – focus on proactively preventing them. Book Intro Call Intro Define Cost Policies Define Security Policies Define General Policies Enforce with GitOps Shift -left Cloud Policies with Terraform CI/CD Cut 90% of […]

SOC2 Compliance

Keep your production SOC2 compliant with preventive policies during the Terraform CI/CD. Get full audit reports for your infrastructure.

Financial Services Compliance

Set Preventive Policies that block non-compliant resources from reaching production, and keep your environments compliant at all times.

Legacy Infrastructure to GitOps

Shift unmanaged resources to Terraform in a single click. Maximize Terraform coverage with automatic code generation and manage your cloud with GitOps.

TFC Alternative

The #1 Alternative to Terraform Cloud ControlMonkey is a Terraform Operations Platform that provides a 360 solution to govern your cloud with Terraform.Looking to shift away from TFC? Let’s talk. Book Intro Call Enforce Security & Compliance Maximize Terraform Coverage Deploy faster and safer to Production Enforce Security & Compliance​ Maximize Terraform Coverage Deploy faster […]

Self-Service Infrastructure LP

Self-service Infrastructure for Dev and QA teams Is your DevOps team still busy handling Infra-related Jira tickets? Allow other teams to launch pre-defined AWS environments in minutes,  by using Terraform. Book a Demo Reduce costs of QA and Dev environments Save DevOps time by handling 50% less tickets Increase team efficiency Reduce costs of QA […]

Shift your 2018 AWS Resources to Terraform

Terraform Solutions for Enterprise Scale Maximize your Terraform coverage and Govern more resources, in less man hours. Take a proactive DevOps strategy and prevent 90% of production issues with ControlMonkey’s Cloud Management Platform. Increase DevOps Productivity by 30% Enhanced Security and Compliance 100% Cloud Control Share with your infrastructure Manager Increase DevOps Productivity by 30% […]

Easily Import AWS Resources to Terraform

Stop Managing Infrastructure From The AWS Console Book a Demo One-click import of legacy AWS infrastructure to Terraform.Shift your ‘2018 Infra’ to Terraform without writing a single line of code in 3 simple steps: Discover, Import, Manage with GitOps Automatic Generation of Terraform Code No more ClickOps Improve Productivity by 30% Automatic Generation of Terraform […]

Compliant AWS environments in minutes, with Self-service Infrastructure
Learn how to enable other teams such as Dev and QA to launch pre-defined compliant AWS environments in minutes, by using Terraform.

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AWS Governance & DevOps Productivity with Terraform

Learn how how to shift-left cloud governance with Terraform in this webinar brought to you by AWS and ControlMonkey.

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Terraform Best Practices with ControlMonkey Webinar

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In this webinar we showcase together with DoIT how ControlMonkey is helping DevOps teams to make the transition from ClickOps to GitOps easily with Terraform.

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