Live Webinar:
Compliant AWS environments in minutes,
with Self-service Infrastructure

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Is your DevOps team still busy handling Infra-related Jira tickets?

Join our Live Webinar and learn how to enable other teams such as Dev and QA to launch pre-defined compliant AWS environments in minutes, by using Terraform.


November 15th, 2023. 16:00 CEST

In this Webinar, you will learn how to:

Lower Infra Costs for Dev and QA environments

Learn how setting a predefined TTL (Time to live) on ephemeral environments contributes to reduced Infra costs.

Reduce friction between DevOps and R&D

Providing other teams with a self-service user interface enables them to leverage the power of Terraform easily, and spin up AWS resources on their own.

Handle 50% less Infra related Jira Tickets

Companies that leverage Self-service Infrastructure for their Dev and QA teams handle 50% less Infra related Jira tickets.


Aharon Twizer

Aharon Twizer

CEO & Co-founder @ ControlMonkey

Ioannis Moustakis

Ioannis Moustakis

Solutions Architect @ AWS

Enable Agility Without Sacrifcing Control

ControlMonkey’s Self-service Catalog enables DevOps to share templates and blueprints with different teams and let them provision infrastructure without the need to know Terraform, in a simple and convenient way.