Import OpenSearch to Terraform

Today, ControlMonkey is pleased to announce that we have added the capability to easily import AWS OpenSearch domain resources to Terraform Code using our Terraform Import Engine.

AWS OpenSearch is a fully managed service that simplifies the deployment, operation, and scaling of OpenSearch, a powerful search and analytics engine based on Elasticsearch.
It provides real-time search, monitoring, and analysis capabilities for various use cases.

Managing OpenSearch resources with Terraform provides a consistent, version-controlled, and automated way to provision, update, and manage OpenSearch deployments, which enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of manual misconfigurations.

ControlMonkey now supports the one-click Terraform Import of the following OpenSearch resources:

OpenSearchService::Domain (aws_opensearch_domain)

So, if you’re using OpenSearch in your environments, swiftly shift your OpenSearch resources to Terraform code and manage the cluster’s configuration with Terraform to create, update, and delete OpenSearch domains reliably and repeatedly.

Are you using OpenSearch and have resources you would like to shift to Terraform?
Feel free to book an intro meeting to learn more about how ControlMonkey generates the Terraform code that represents your OpenSearch configuration, making the shift to Terraform as seamless as possible.

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