Import to Terraform – Smart Stacking

A significant update to ControlMonkey’s capability to import existing AWS environments to Terraform – Smart Stacking! When shifting to Infrastructure as Code (IaC), creating small stacks of related resources is essential for efficient management. For example, an AutoScaling Group with its Launch Configuration and security group.

Generating Terraform code for each resource and running ‘Terraform Import’ on each one separately is a tedious and time-consuming task. With ControlMonkey’s Smart Stacking, our platform automatically learns the user environment architecture, builds models of related resources using our contextual algorithm, and generates the Terraform code and State file for each model. That means users don’t have to run Terraform Import themselves; we do it for them and provide them with a 100% validated State file.
We are the only platform that provides a State file when generating Terraform code for our users.

In addition, we provide users with the ability to alter these models and add/remove resources as they see fit. With the new Smart Stacking capability, AWS users can now shift their existing resources to Terraform even more easily and safely. If you’re looking to shift to Infrastructure as Code and don’t know where to start, look no further than ControlMonkey. Our import to Terraform solution is designed to help make your transition smooth and seamless, with the added benefit of Smart Stacking.

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