Shift-left Security on GCP with Managed Policies

We are excited to announce another milestone in our support for multiple cloud providers, this time with a major enhancement to our Terraform CI/CD solution.
Starting today, ControlMonkey’s Managed Security Policies are also available for Google Cloud users!

These Security Policies are predefined, managed, and maintained by ControlMonkey.
Rather than writing and maintaining common security policies with OPA, which also requires understanding the Terraform Plan output internals, you get managed security policies that are enforced whenever someone changes your Terraform code, right out of the box.

Cloud Engineering teams can granularly select on which unit of deployment the Security Policy will be enforced, and also the enforcement level (warning or block).
So if you need to separate and divide your policy enforcement across environments, you can easily do that with ControlMonkey.

The benefits of Managed Security Policies:

  • You get a library of pre-defined security policies to choose from, straight out of the box.
  • Save time on writing, managing, and maintaining these policies, ControlMonkey does all the heavy lifting for you.
  • By shifting left your security, you are:
    • Preventing security issues before they reach production
    • Saving time on manual code review.
    • Enable a proactive operations mode Vs. reacting to security misconfigurations.
    • Educating Cloud Engineering teams on the organization’s security standards.

If you’re using GCP today and looking to turn on your proactive mode, let’s talk.

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