SOC2 Compliance with IaC

SOC2 is a compliance standard that measures a company’s ability to securely manage customer data. As part of the audit process, companies must demonstrate that they have effective controls in place to ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

Managing cloud infrastructure with Terraform can greatly assist companies to meet SOC2 compliance requirements in several ways:

  • Consistency: Terraform management provides a consistent way to manage infrastructure across environments, ensuring that security controls are consistently applied.
  • Auditable: Managing your Terraform code in a version-controlled and auditable manner can help demonstrate compliance with SOC2 requirements.
  • Automation: Automating your Terraform deployment reduces the risk of human error and ensures that controls are consistently applied.
  • Security: Adding security checks to your Terraform deployment to ensure compliance, such as resource-level access controls, encryption, and secure network communication.
  • Reporting: Audit reporting is an essential aspect of compliance and security, as it allows companies to demonstrate that they have effective controls in place and are meeting regulatory requirements. 

Overall, using Terraform management tools as part of a comprehensive security program can help companies meet SOC2 compliance requirements and demonstrate their commitment to security best practices.

Today, ControlMonkey has launched a new solution to help companies achieve and maintain their SOC2 compliance. Check out our new solution page to see how ControlMonkey can help with your SOC2 compliance. ControlMonkey assists with:

  • Environment separation: Ensuring that different environments are isolated and managed separately to maintain security and compliance.
  • Audit reports: Provide detailed audit reports for your auditor to demonstrate compliance.
  • Standardized deployment process: Streamlining the deployment process for infrastructure updates with approvals, ensuring consistency and control.
  • Security and compliance tests: Enabling shift-left methodology by integrating security and compliance tests into your infrastructure deployment process.

If you’re about to run your SOC2 audit, check out our new solution to save time and ensure your infrastructure is always compliant.
With ControlMonkey’s assistance, you can confidently navigate the SOC2 compliance process and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining the highest security standards for your customers’ data.

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