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Here at ControlMonkey, we strive to provide a completely customer-centric Terraform Operations platform for our users, right from the onboarding.

So today we are happy to announce a huge enhancement to the ControlMonkey platform onboarding with our new release, Terraform Repo Scanner.
This new capability automatically scans all the repos that contain the Terraform/Terragrunt/OpenTofu code and displays all the paths that are not managed by ControlMonkey, the IaC type, and the number of resources under that path, and with a single click enables the user to create “Stacks” in the ControlMonkey platform.

This is big news for new ControlMonkey customers who are onboarding their accounts because rather than manually creating “stacks” based on existing paths in the repo, they can generate all the stacks in one shot, saving them precious time.

So if you have your own Terraform Code and are looking to leverage ControlMonkey’s advanced solutions like Terraform CI/CD with proactive policies and Drift Detection & Remediation, you can now onboard in a few clicks, with absolutely zero code changes.

Onboarding ControlMonkey has never been easier, and we’re happy seeing our new customers save time starting from the onboarding.

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