Terraform Drift Source

We are pleased to announce the latest enhancement to ControlMonkey’s Drift Center, Terraform Drift Source!

The Drift Center helps DevOps teams identify and address discrepancies between the specified configuration in the Terraform code and the actual state of resources in the cloud environment.

Starting today, ControlMonkey users can detect who is the AWS user/role that modified the resources’ configuration not through Terraform and caused the drift.
Understanding immediately who or what is responsible for the Terraform drift significantly lowers the time to resolution of the drift.

This amazing capability is a perfect example of how powerful it is to have your Terraform Operations platform fully integrated with your cloud account!

The drift source can be a remote DevOps team member, a developer, or a 3rd party tool.
So finding the source can be a long and irritating process.

Our algorithm automatically matches between Terraform drifts and CloudTrail events and indicates who is responsible for the drift.

Besides providing the drift source, ControlMonkey also offers a one-click link to the CloudTrail event of the configuration change to streamline the investigation process even further.

ControlMonkey’s ‘Drift Center‘ is the only solution that provides DevOps teams with valuable cloud insights that help them resolve drifts faster, and more efficiently.

Detecting and resolving Terraform Drifts faster helps keep your cloud secure, compliant, and cost-efficient.

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