Unmanaged Resources Cost

Here at ControlMonkey, we’re all about helping our customers maximize their Terraform coverage and manage more infrastructure with Terraform Code. 

When you have Unmanaged Resources (AWS resources that are not managed by Terraform Code), you have unmanaged costs, and when costs are unmanaged, you lose governance over how much your cloud environments cost your organization. 

An essential part of being cost-efficient is knowing what’s running on your cloud and defining what and how your infrastructure should look like. 

A resource that is not managed by Terraform code doesn’t have a desired configuration, and that means that anyone can increase the size of the resource (e.g. changes EC2 type from T3 to M5) and no one will know about it until the AWS bill arrives. 

Starting today, ControlMonkey users will be able to see how much their unmanaged resources cost each month for additional cost visibility and to prioritize shifting costly resources to Terraform. 

The unmanaged costs are visible in 2 locations in the ControlMonkey dashboard: 

  1. The main dashboard displays the total amount of unmanaged resources.

2. In our Terraform Import Engine, we display the cost of every unmanaged resource stack

Curious to know how many of your resources are unmanaged and their cost?
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