Stop Managing Infrastructure From The
AWS Console

One-click import of legacy AWS infrastructure to Terraform.
Shift your ‘2018 Infra’ to Terraform without writing a single line of code
in 3 simple steps:
Discover, Import, Manage with GitOps

Watch a 3-min Demo from a Webinar we hosted with AWS

Looking to Increase Your Terraform Coverage?

Bring old Infra under Terraform management and stop using the AWS Console.
Give your team a standardized way to manage and scale cloud infra, enabling agility without sacrificing control.

The ControlMonkey platform discovers, manages, automates and generates cloud environments by leveraging Terraform.

A 30-min Demo will save your team 1000s of hours

Terraform Operations Platform

ControlMonkey's Terraform Import Engine has everything you need in order to shift AWS resources to Terraform, quickly and safely. Increase Terraform coverage like never before.

Increase Terraform Coverage

Seamlessly shift more of your AWS resources to Terraform in a single click.
 ControlMonkey automatically generates Terraform code and State file, in any scale.

Reduce Terraform migration project time by 75%.

Automatic Terraform Code Validation

ControlMonkey’s generated code is automatically validated to make sure the code is accurate, and identical to the existing resources.
No drifts. 100% accuracy.

Smart Stacking

Leverage our contextual algorithm to get ready-to-import stacks.

Each suggested stack is composed of resources that are related to each other by your architecture and tags.

Cloud Visibility

ControlMonkey offers a complete view of your AWS environments.
Gain end-to-end visibility over your assets and if they are managed by Terraform.

The Control
Monkey Impact



Increase in DevOps Productivity



Needed to shift to Terraform



Less Security & Compliance related issues



Control over your Cloud

Loved and Trusted by Top Brands:

These DevOps teams leveled up their Terraform game

These teams can’t imagine their stack without ControlMonkey

Success Story

“ControlMonkey makes sure our AWS environment is always secure, compliant, and cost-efficient.”

Way more than a Terraform Import Solution

Shift left your Cloud Governance & Security

Set preventive controls and guardrails on your Infrastructure CI/CD pipeline. Detect and prevent issues before they reach production.
ControlMonkey provides your team with visibility and alerting mechanism on any drift from the desired cloud state. Detect and mitigate cost and compliance related issues on time.

ControlMonkey helps DevOps shift thousands of resources to AWS by automatically generating Terraform code of their actual state, reducing migration time by 70%.

ControlMonkey’s Self-service Infrastructure allows other teams to easily spin up AWS resources on their own, under your rules, and save your team precious time.
Set custom Cost Policies on your Infrastructure during the CI/CD process and avoid costly surprises before they reach production.

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Compliant AWS environments in minutes, with Self-service Infrastructure
Learn how to enable other teams such as Dev and QA to launch pre-defined compliant AWS environments in minutes, by using Terraform.

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AWS Governance & DevOps Productivity with Terraform

Learn how how to shift-left cloud governance with Terraform in this webinar brought to you by AWS and ControlMonkey.

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Terraform Best Practices with ControlMonkey Webinar

Check out our latest webinar with DoIT International.

In this webinar we showcase together with DoIT how ControlMonkey is helping DevOps teams to make the transition from ClickOps to GitOps easily with Terraform.

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