Cloud Events is Here

Ori Yemini
,CTO & Co- Founder
February 21, 2023
Cloud Events is here

We’re thrilled to roll out Cloud Events! This new feature allows customers to track changes made to their AWS cloud resources, including creations, updates, and deletions. 

It completes the missing piece of the puzzle of how to manage your infrastructure right with GitOps methodology.
Managing your cloud with Terraform and GitOps is the way to go but many of our customers asked us: How can we make sure that nobody is making changes outside of our Terraform pipeline? 

Cloud Events provides customers with deeper insights into their day-to-day cloud operations, including which AWS resources were changed most often, who made the changes, and from what platform or tool they did it, whether from the AWS console or Terraform.

Cloud Events short demo

By pinpointing resources that are frequently changed manually, customers can prioritize which resources to import into Terraform first, where changes are made in a controlled, automated, and repeatable fashion. 

The new feature benefits both customers who use Terraform to manage their cloud infrastructure and those who choose to do it manually(although we recommend not managing your cloud manually 🙂 )

In conclusion, By using Cloud Events customers can be confident that all Infrastructure changes have been made through their Terraform pipeline and that all Infrastructure changes have been reviewed and authorized before being delivered and deployed.

Starting today, Cloud Events is available to all ControlMonkey customers.
Feel free to utilize this capability to gain insights into what’s happening in your cloud resources, track changes, identify which resources are changed manually most frequently, and import the mentioned resources into Terraform to reduce human error.

ControlMonkey will continue to deliver trailblazing solutions that help customers gain full control of their cloud, making it easier to manage and automate.

*The feature is relying on AWS CloudTrail and requires read-only permissions to the service API.

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