Infrastructure Cost Breakdown

Today we are happy to announce the latest enhancement to ControlMonkey Cloud Inventory Tool, Infrastructure Cost Breakdown.

With Infrastructure Cost Breakdown, ControlMonkey users can see the estimated monthly cost of any specific stack or namespace in their cloud account and validate if they’re within budget.

You can also logically divide namespaces per team (e.g. DEV, QA) and have certain costs attributed to a particular team.

Infrastructure Cost Breakdown doesn’t require any configuration, you get this capability out of the box as part of our hierarchy mechanism of namespaces and stacks.

Note: The monthly cost estimation takes into consideration only the base cost of non-usage-priced AWS resources. For example, for resources such as Lambda functions, we can only predict the base cost, not the actual usage cost.

We are leveraging Infracost’s technology for this feature, so big kudos to the team there.

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